The impact of our education will also have an impact on our society.

We have a solid commitment to act in the processes that accompany parenting, (especially maternity) with emotional and socio-labour support programs, on a regular basis, both for the families of the group and for our closest environment.

Some social actions we will start with are:

  • We support the baby-mom dyad from a perinatal perspective and we promote care pedagogy by opening the space free of charge to first-time mothers with children under 3 years of age in their care (Spots will be limited each year) For more information email to
  • We will collaborate with local organic gardens and open consumption groups as a way of collaboration
  • Activities for free for maternity and adolescent care
  • Work with associations of the town and surroundings
  • Support actions of other related state associations

We also draw on the network of international movements with a similar perspective, such as ¨The Alliance for Self-Directed Education¨ in the USA and other closer groups in the UK or Portugal.

Camino supports research and dissemination of scientific studies, associations, NGOs or platforms that promote the rights of Children, to live with more satisfaction and dignity in any of their vital needs, in Spain and internationally.

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