Camino is a new educational space that opens in September 2023 for self-directed education for children between 3 and 12 years old. It is an international Spanish-English school for Preschool and Primary



We understand that education is the sum of everything a person learns and that provides support to live a satisfying and meaningful life. Caring for and supporting our authenticity within a common and social framework that is as healthy as possible is our daily goal. For this reason, the principles of freedom of choice and movement are fundamental in our day to day.


Families are the first and most important nucleus in our vital path. We are the base and root of our bonds and that will influence us in our first years of development and, in some way, for life. For this reason, the presence of the reference figures of our childhood has an essential role in our educational space.


The impact of our education will also have an impact on our society. We have a solid commitment to act in the processes that accompany parenting, (with special care for maternity) with emotional and socio-labour support programs on a regular basis, both for the families of the group and for our immediate environment.

Camino: educational action, social action.

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